November 28, 2006

Still just as bad as last year

Still just 4 wins,its starting to make me think will the Packers end up with the same record as last year.Will they be 4-12 again as long as it still a possibility it make me wonder.

Defense didn't stop the Seahawks

The Defense was the weakest link in the Seahawks game.They let the Seahawks offense walk right over them.Poor job against the run,poor job against the pass.Over all they stunk.

Refs Decided Game

I hate when poor refereeing decides a game.An occasional bad call I can live with but monday nights game seemed to have to many bad calls.I think there should be some kind of rating system of refs performance.They rate everything else in the NFL why not refs.In every other sport basketball , baseball,and hockey I never noticed many bad calls by Refs.It should be the same in the NFL.

November 12, 2006

Next weeks out look

The Packers have a chance of beating the Patriots,who are on a 3 game losing streak,if they play mistake free football. The Pack will have homefield advantage.The weather if it's cold will favor them.We didn't lose any important players in the Viking Game.So if they play well.I think they will win.The Pack can only beat it's self

Win in the Metrodome

Well the Pack did it after last weeks game against Buffalo,I wasn't quite sure what was going to happen,but all turned out well.The Favre to Driver connection was in full swing,the offense was great mostly except for not having much of a running game,that was expected against the Vikings D. The Packer defense had a few mistakes that allowed Minnesota to score,but with a lot of sacks of Brad Johnson and creating fumbles and interceptions,did fairly well. Special teams did what they had to do, All and all it was a good game

October 29, 2006

Brett Favre's first Lambeau leap

Never before has Brett Favre tried the Lambeau Leap,we here at Super Pack think he could use more practice,so Brett if you got a chance run in another touchdown, the fans at Lambeau would be proud to catch you doing another Lambeau Leap.

two wins in a row

If the Packers win next week they'll be at 4-4 and at 500 from there who knows but after if they win there's no way they can do worse then last year.Next week Buffalo which should be beatable for the Packers.So lets hope for a good game in Buffalo

October 09, 2006

Herron makes his bones as a running back

Herron got the job done,he ran and ran well.It was a pleasent surprise to see someone step up on offense and give Favre some relief.Herron should start next week even if Green is ready to go he earned it.

Offensive line crumble+Brett Favre Fumble=Loss

I couldn't believe it,I at least thought there would be a field goal,then overtime.My faith is waining , I still will always be a green and gold blooded Packer fan,but I think this years is going to be like last year.The curse of Sherman still haunts the Offense line because of his loss of both Rivera and Wall it will be along time in it dissapearing.If either were still here,we would have a better running game and Favre would be safer,and less prone of making mistakes.The line crumbled letting Favre out there with nothing but taking a sack or doing something desperate.The sack would of left little time to run out the kicking team and get the field goal.He did what he had to do,it didn't work

September 11, 2006

whats bad, whats good

The offensive line well was bad not opening running lanes well and letting the bear defense get to Favre always a big no no.Green was good he ran well and when he could find a running lanes did very well.Special teams some good and some bad.Field goal try bad,fumbling bad,kick off coverage mostly good,punt coverage bad because of touchdown by Bears.Defense had some bad and some good.They played well against the run.Big plays still hurt them a little but they kept bear offense to mostly field goals. The game as a whole well it was bad.

Another record ends

Well another record ended with the Packer, Bears game.The game ended without even scoring one point which hasn't happened since 1991 against guess who The Bears.I'm beginning to get a sinking feeling again like the one I had last season.I hope it's only the pizza I ate and not a harbinger of things to come.

August 29, 2006

This Season

I not sure what kind of season the Packers are going to have.They played great in preseason one week ,the next week looked like a joke.I think it may be a rollercoaster ride season I hope with more highs then lows.But who knows till they take the field in their first regular season game.

Reliving last seasons nightmare

Was I the only one who watched the preseason game against the Bengal getting flashbacks of last season.The game was a comedy of mistakes,miscues,and blunders that would of made great fare for a bloopers reel.I'm starting to fear what may happen next,I hope they can get it together before the season opener against the Bears.

August 20, 2006

Bear hunting season opens soon

Bear hunting season opens early this year at Lambeau Field .It will be the first major test of the Pack,and may determine what team will be playing this year, last years Pack or the Pack we all know can prove the Bears Still Suck.

Preseason game number 2 looked very promising

It Started a little shakey but when the Pack got rolling both the offense and defense showed intensity and played well.The running games wasn't the best but was productive.The Brett Favre ,Donald Driver,connection was in full swing and stymied the Falcon defense.All in all the offense looked like it was ready to play.Now to the defense the bright spot was A.J. Hawks he was intense and was playing great.The rest of the Defense wasn't shabby they all played well.This game gets a A+ hope the next game is just as good